Radboud University Scholarship in Netherland

The Radboud University Scholarship provides the opportunity to earn a Radboud scholarship to pursue a full English-taught Master’s degree program at Radboud University for a limited number of talented prospective international students.
The Radboud Scholarship Program is very selective and is only intended for talented candidates who have achieved outstanding study results and are highly inspired to pursue a Master’s degree program from Radboud University.

This Radboud Scholarship is also available for applicants who have Non-U / EEA nationality. The Scholarship & Admission applications are all the same. In the document, you will say that you are applying for a scholarship. Your selection depends solely on 5 points, i.e. Motivation, guide, Talent & Determination, and Academic Ranking. The University of Radboud is a research-based university. The university has 22,000 students at the moment

Radboud University Scholarship in Netherlands Details

Host nation: The Netherlands
University: University of Radboud
Degree Level: Master’s Degree Program
Duration: Depends on the Degree
Deadline: 1 March 2021
Funds types: Fully-funded scholarship  and Partly Funded
Amount of Overseas Stipends:  12 Fully-funded Scholarships and 25 Scholarships with partial funding.

Full Scholarships

The full scholarship includes the tuition fee of EUR 16 000 and the cost of living of EUR 10 800 (as paid for by the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) for 2021/2022).

Partial scholarship

Your tuition fee will be reduced to €2,168 by a partial scholarship. For eg, a grant holder would pay a tuition fee of just EUR 2 168 instead of EUR 16 000 in 2021/2022.

Who will be eligible?

The faculty chooses the recipients of the grant; this selection is based on the following criteria:

The faculty chooses the recipients of the grant; this selection is based on the following criteria:
Talent: In your current area of study, you have excellent research results.
Ambition: based on previous accomplishments and results and work/life experiences, you are expected to show promise.
Academic excellence: For example, by grades, test scores, and publications, you have shown positive outcomes from your previous education.
References: two letters of reference
Motivation: based on your letter of support for the Master’s program
If you have been chosen to participate in the Radboud Scholarship Program, you will be told if you have been selected for a full or partial scholarship.

How to apply?

You will apply by indicating that you want to apply for a Radboud Scholarship during your application for admission to the Master’s Program in the OSIRIS Application Framework. If you have not already done so for the Master’s program submission, you will then be asked to submit three additional documents: two reference letters and a curriculum vitae.
There are two different procedures for the selection of a scholarship and admission to the Master’s program: admission to the Master’s program does not require the selection of a scholarship.

It is not necessary to apply separately for the complete scholarship, but if you apply for an RSP in Osiris, you can apply for both the full and partial scholarships. This means that you can hear from us if you are chosen for the Radboud Scholarship Program, whether you are picked for the full scholarship or the partial scholarship.

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