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How to write a Successful Motivational letter

A letter of motivation known as a personal statement or cover letter is a short piece of writing about you; your history, goals, personality, and interests. Although completing CVs and forms can be a bit dry and dull, it can be hard to write motivational letters.

So in this article, I will explain How to write a Successful Motivational letter that will accept anywhere.

This Guide, will cover:

  • What is the motivation Letter and where it will be used?
  • What structure will be?
  • How to write a motivation letter

What is a motivation Letter and where it will be used


A motivation letter is one letter where that allows showing your personality and indicates why you perfect candidate for a particular position. You can write relevant and interesting details about yourself in the letter which can prove to admission officers that you are the right candidate to be selected to take part in their programs.

The Letter of Motivation plays a crucial role in deciding whether or not you will be admitted. Presenting yourself in a way that would convince the institution of study can be very challenging. Even if you’re an outstanding student with the highest grades, a lot of achievements, and a lot of motivation, you might not make it to a university-based on how you’ve written your letter.

You are required to the motivational letter for 3 reasons:

  1. For getting admission to an educational program at any university.
  2. For getting a job in an organization.
  3. A motivational letter is required for the internship program in a company.

Structure a Motivational Letter

How to-write-a-Successful-Motivational-letter

As with most articles, blog posts, or other written sources, a motivation letter has a fixed structure. Examples of our letter of motivation clearly show that there are four different parts to be dealt with for the construction of letters. We also advise you to use these components in the example of the letter of motivation so you can work in a structured way. That way the person reading your motivation.

Structure a Motivational Letter with an infographic

How to write a Successful Motivational letter

When you write a letter of Motivation, you want to make sure you know what you are applying for and where.

  1. Look at the specifications of the curriculum and the website of the university. Find out the top three position requirements and explain how best candidate you are.
  2. Show that you share the principles of the company, or are exceptionally skilled through a short story or personal examples. Be concrete.
  3. Your letter of motivation will prove you really want to be there! There is a fine line between begging and showing smart interest while selling you as well. State unique grounds, demonstrate Knowledge and express passion for applying without showing off to an institution

Example of a Motivation Letter for the Masters’s degree


Write here contact information

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing this letter to apply for a master’s in Sustainable Business Management program at the University of Tampere starting in September 2019. In 2018, I completed a master’s degree in Economics and Management from Italy the medium of English. I pursued a master’s degree in Commerce with a specialty in Economics and Management. My desire to pursue this career path led me to always strive for exemplary academic performance. In my graduate years, I was awarded a scholarship due to my impressive academic progress.

After completing the Master’s program, I realized that I needed more knowledge in Sustainable Business Management that’s why I am applying for this program at your university.

After going through the course outline for this program at your university, I have found that the curriculum is the best compared to several other universities that I had researched to prepare me for my career in Sustainable Business Management. The main aim of enrolling in this program is to get in-depth knowledge and for continuing further study for a Ph.D.

In my first year as an undergraduate student, I was a volunteer in the Marketing Department at the University. During this period, I was exposed to a way of developing, implanting, and controlling marketing plans for the university.

After the graduate, I was lucky to land an internship at an international marketing company by the name of Altos Web Solutions. In the company, I was part of the team that staged a marketing campaign for a leading technology company that was starting a business in Italy. The opportunity was another opportunity to learn ways of implementing marketing plans. The promotion campaign was very successful in what I had learned in school was now evident in practical ways.

During my master’s program and afterward I would like to direct my efforts toward international market research. Globalization, the growth of world trade, and technological advancements are key developments that have led to a keen interest in international market research. Companies that want to venture into new markets ways from home require factual data necessary to guide them to make the right decisions as they invest in new markets.

I hope that my experience, educational background, and skills in Sustainable Business Management make me a suitable candidate for the master’s program in business management at your institution. I await a favorable response and admission to the program. I am thanking you in advance for the opportunity.

Yours Faithfully

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