Top 6 Countries Where Tuition is Free and affordable for International Students

Top 6 Countries Where Tuition is Free

Most of the student has the dream to go abroad for higher study, but the problem is that tuition is costly to study overseas like the united state, UK, Canada, and Australia.

If you fail to manage a fully-funded scholarship from a university or unable to pay tuition, consider enrolling in that universities where tuition fees are free and affordable. Germany, Italy, Norway, Iceland, Belgium, and Austria offer free tuition and low tuition for international students.

Top 6 Countries Where Tuition is Free

Top 6 Countries Where Tuition is Free

1. Germany

Top 6 Countries Where Tuition is Free

Nowadays, the international student is growing day by day in Germany for higher education because all the public university offers free tuition fees except some private university.

Germany is in the top list where anyone can study bachelor and master programs at no cost. The international only need to pay 100 to 200 euro per year for administrative fees, including bus tickets, student cafeterias, and more.

Each year, DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst) offers financial assistance to more than 120,000 highly skilled German and international students for free or at a more affordable cost living and studying in Germany.

2. Norway

Top 6 Countries Where Tuition is Free

Norway is another country where international students can study all the programs, including undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs without paying any penny.

However, the student needs to pay only semester fees around NOK 300 to 600. Most private universities have tuition fees for all kinds of the program, but the tuition fees are lower than in other countries like USA, Australia, Canada, and the UK.

On the other hand, Living is more expensive than any other country in Europe. Living expenses would be 90,000-100,000 NOK per annum.

3. Austria

Top 6 Countries Where Tuition is Free

Austria is the best country in the world to pursue studies for international students, where international students need to pay only enrollment fees € 726.72 per semester. However, Federal/public universities charge for the student of Austrian and EU/EEA about € 363 per semester for enrollment fees plus 19.20 Euros for student union membership. 

If someone fails to manage fully-funded, Austria will be the better place to pursue a bachelor’s, master’s degree.

4. Belgium ​

Top 6 Countries Where Tuition is Free

Like Austria, Belgian university offers an education with affordable tuition fees for international students. An international student needs to pay tuition fees €835 to 4,175 per year.

If you are pursuing a Ph.D. from any Belgian university, you’re also paid for carrying out your research by university. Apart from this, universities in Belgian can give international students a scholarship. Some of the Belgian’s famous international student universities include the KU Leuven, the University of Ghent, and the University of Liege.

5. Italy

Top 6 Countries Where Tuition is Free

Italy Is A European Country In The South Of Europe. Many Students Chose To Study In Italy Due To The High Educational Quality, Combined With Low Tuition Fees. If You Can’t Afford To Study At High Tuition Rates In Countries Like Australia, The US, Canada, And The UK, You Can Make Up Your Mind To Study In Italy.

The Cost Of Payment For Tuition Depends On Many Factors. Public Universities Have Tuition Rates Much Lower Than Private Universities.

Standard Fees For EU And Non-EU Students Depend On The Students’ Family Income And The Program For Which You Apply, From A Minimum Of €900 To A Maximum Of €4,000 At A Public University. It Ranges From 6.000 € To About 20.000 € A Year For Private Universities. Italian Universities Offer Scholarships For International Students Based On Merit And Economic Condition.

6. Iceland ​

Top 6 Countries Where Tuition is Free for international student

Iceland is a Nordic country and the best place to study for international students. They offer a wide variety of programs such as bachelor’s, Masters’s, and Ph.D. with the medium of English. The public university in Icelandic offers Free Tuition Fees for the international student but the private university charge the tuition fees around 4,000 to 16,0000

From the above evaluation, you can decide which country will be better for you to study abroad.
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