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Portugal Announces New Digital Nomad Visa

What is a Digital Nomad?

Portugal Announces New Digital Nomad Visa and launch of a new “digital nomad visa” for remote workers. According to the new rules, digital nomads will be able to work in Portugal for up to three months a year, as long as they make at least €2,750 a month. This new visa will allow remote workers to live and work in Portugal for up to three months a year. The new visa will be open to all people who are self-employed or work on their own as freelancers.

In order to encourage businesses to hire more remote employees, the Lisbon government recently created a specific visa category for digitally mobile professionals. The new ‘Digital Nomad Visa’ is designed specifically to help freelancers, independent contractors, entrepreneurs, consultants, designers, writers, and web developers.

People earning at least $2,750 in a month are eligible to apply for the visa, which is granted after three months of living in the country.

In the past few years, many people have taken up the idea of being remote workers. A lot of people are able to work remotely because of technology. Many of us have the ability to work from anywhere, at any time, with access to a vast network of tools and resources. But what about those who don’t have that luxury? What if you want to live in a beautiful country like Portugal, but you need to be in the office every day? Well, there’s a new type of visa that’s available to remote workers, and it’s called the digital-nomad visa

What Are The General Portugal Digital Nomad Visa Requirements?

Currently, Portugal needs digital nomads (those who hold a residence visa for the place where they practice nonprofessional independent activity remotely) to have these documents in addition to the general documentation required for any kind of residence visa: the general documentation for the hygiene regime and access to health care (proof of vaccination for those over 19 years old, or a general certificate of immunization against 26 infectious diseases for all), and the certificate of private medical insurance.

On occasion, one of the following documents may be used as a supporting document. An employee might document the employment contract using a work contract, guarantee, or declaration of the employer.

In independent professional activities, one of the following documents is applicable: Articles of association; a service endorsement contract; a written proposal for a service contract; a document about the service being offered to different parties; or an exam.

Portugal Announces New Digital Nomad Visa

What Is the Difference Between A Portugal Digital Nomad Visa and A Tourist Visa?

The difference between the two types of visas is whether or not you plan to travel around the country extensively and for how long. The tourist visa is for a period of 90 days or less and does not allow you to work while you’re traveling. The digital nomad visa allows you to work while you’re traveling, but it’s a temporary permit.

2. What is the Portuguese government doing to encourage remote workers?

While some countries offer subsidies and incentives for remote working, the Portuguese government is doing something a little more creative. According to the country’s Ministry of Labor, if you are self-employed and have been working remotely for more than six months, you will receive a tax deduction equivalent to one month’s salary, starting from the 15th of each month, up until the month in which you earn more than the monthly threshold (around 1,700 euros).

5. What are the benefits of this visa?

If you are considering working while traveling in another country, the best and easiest way to explore it is by living in the country for a couple of months and getting paid to live there. The digital nomad visa allows you to take advantage of working in other countries without paying any taxes or even having to apply for any visas. Instead, you get paid in other currencies and don’t pay any taxes on that income. This visa also gives you access to some of the best companies in the world. These are the companies that are willing to pay you to come and work from a different location.


To help those remote workers with the transition, the Portuguese government has partnered with a host of companies that specialize in facilitating work-from-home arrangements. It will allow them to apply for temporary visas to live and work remotely from their new home country for a minimum of two years. The program will include a small monthly fee to cover health care and other expenses, and workers will also be able to use their vacation time to return to Portugal. Read the full article here.

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